Replacing an Empty Ink Cartri ink in printer dge

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Remove the new ink cartridge from its protective bag. Place the ink cartridge vertically into the cartridge holder. Then,buy ink cartridgesdiscount printer ink push the ink cartridge down until it clicks into place. Do not apply excessive force to the cartridge.

Press theink button. The printer moves the print head and begins charging the ink delivery system. Theink lights start flashing. This process takes about one minute to complete. When the ink charging process is finished, the printer returns the print head to its home position. Thepower light will stop flashing and remain on, and theink out light will turn off.

Open the cartridge cover. Pinch the sides of the ink cartridge that you want to replace. Lift the cartridge out of the printer and dispose of it properly. Do not take the used cartridge apart or try to refill it.

Using EPSON Status Monitor 3for Windows,Replacing an Empty Ink Cartri ink in printer dge orUsing EPSON StatusMonitorfor Macintosh.

How tobutton in the EPSON Status Monitor window. Follow the on-screen instructions to replace the cartridge.

Press theink button. The print head moves to the ink cartridge replacement position, thepower light begins to flash, and theink out light corresponding to the ink cartridge that needs to be replaced begins to flash or remains on.

ink button for more than three seconds. The print head cleaning command will be initiated if theink button is pressed for more than three seconds.

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